Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Tip: RAA

Imagine you're doing this incredible stereo multi-tap echo combinator patch, where you really need to allow the user to select a list of Left/Right ratio combinations. As an example, let's assume we need a list of ratios like this one here:

hmmm... so, to be able to go through such a list with a combinator rotary, you really need a "device" that enables you to Randomly Access an Array of CV values or states, don't you?

Well, thanks to Thor and the way the Step Sequencer has been implemented, we can have such a thing.

So... let's build it!

Just add to your combinator (the one needing that list of CV values selectable through a rotary) a Thor device and initialize it (this is where my set of "null" patches usually comes in handy, where there's a "null" patch for each device, to quickly start with "everything off" kind'of patch, not quite achievable with the "initialize" option. Something I'll include on my CV tools microReFill, btw).

Now, for this example, we need 2x13 values, so let's use Thor's Step Sequencer Curve 1 for the Left values and Curve 2 for the Right values, and set those up with those tiny little knobs :)

I usually light up the buttons with the wanted values, just to have a visual notion of the array range.

Ok, now for the real "magic" to happen, we need to set these on Thor's Step Sequencer:
  • Run Mode: Step
  • Direction: Reverse
  • Step Count: 1
Then, on the Combinator's Modulation Routing, add a Rotary as the source and target Thor's Step Sequencer Step Count. Set Min to 1 and (for this example) Max to 13 (because we only want to access 13 CV values).

Twist that Rotary and see how the yellow LED lights up the selected (step) values.

Now, try connecting some wires out of Thor's Curve 1 and Curve 2 CV outputs at the back to the CV input of the rest of the devices or if you need to control something without a CV input, you can always plug those wires into a couple of spare Combinator own Rotary CV inputs and use those to control any other value through Modulation Routing :)

The same is true if you need to access this list with a CV value. Just use the existing CV input of the ModRouted Rotary to control Thor's Step Count through CV.

...btw, on Reason 5 & Record 1.5, you'll be able to use the new extra CV inputs for this Modulation Routing, without giving up on any of the spare Rotaries! Checking the new features list, you'll see this:
«Additional CV inputs on Combinator
The Combinator in Reason 5 is expanded with new CV inputs on the back. The four new CV inputs can be used to control any parameter on the contained devices, providing even more options and possibilities for sound designers.»
Neat uh? ;)