Sunday, September 29, 2019

Reason 11 is here.

Reason is now also a VST3 instrument and effects plugin.

If you've been waiting to get your hands on Reason's devices, Rack Extensions within its rack paradigm with the natural rack device stacking and wiring magic in the comfort of your (s)elected D.A.W., then Reason 11 is the version you've been waiting for and it's for you.

Keep in mind that Reason 11.0 Plugin doesn't have:
  • MIDI output: so you won't be able to use the Players MIDI note output in your D.A.W.'s device MIDI chain.
  • MIDI Channel awareness on input: So all devices in that rack instance will get the same notes, MIDI OMNI style. The only workarounds are use another instance and/or use a Combinator "Receive Notes" filter and/or make use of note ranges again through the Combinator "Key Range" pair of settings.

If you haven't been waiting for this, then what's new in Reason 11 for you?

5 new Effect rack devices...
  • well, 2 actually new:
    • Quartet Chorus Ensemble
    • Sweeper Modulation Effect
  • and 3 classic ones but in a rack device format, besides the known main Mixer section format.
    • Master Bus Compressor
    • Channel Dynamics
    • Channel EQ
...and 6 new (always welcome) workflow features:
  • Curved automation: Nice-to-have for many, though a bit clunky to use for some
  • Audio clip crossfades: Very welcome but a bit awkward UX
  • Improved and individual vertical zoom: Welcome but a bit awkward UX
  • Mute MIDI notes: Yes!!!
  • Draw multiple notes: Neat :)
  • Show played and selected notes in key edit: Very convenient when playing then on a controller while drawing in the sequencer with a mouse.
...oh and some bug fixes, which, if you're the unlucky few that are experiencing some of those bugs, all you have to do is upgrade to Reason 11 to get them fixed, yay!

What do you lose in Reason 11 ?

ReWire. But Reason 11 will start faster, thanks to this. So, if you use it, keep the previous Reason version installed, if you upgrade. 

...and that's it, that's Reason 11.0 :)

Let's see if Reason 11.x will finally handle the unfinished features introduced in previous versions.

PS: Special reference to the also new Scenic Hybrid Instrument and how to Remote Override it!
Remember to switch to the EDIT pages and go to the section that has the parameter you want to map override, else you won't see much :)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Reason 10.0 ...ok! :)

While watching last friday's Propellerhead video stream with Ryan and Mattias, a very small detail jumped at anyone paying attention to what Mattias was showing on his screen with Reason 10:

One tiny small but in practice huge NEW feature:

Favorite lists finally supporting Devices!
...besides just patches and folders.

This is huge!

I've been waiting for this for some years now, since Rack Extensions "exploded" in numbers and diversity and even more after VST support.

Given the fact that Reason doesn't support a TAG system for multi-type tagging devices, patches, ReFills, etc and its browser searching and filtering aren't anything to write about enthusiastically, those with a good amount of REs and VSTs will have a hard time reaching out for the right device at the right time unless some time was spent preparing a custom rack and sometimes even "forget" about some devices that could be used simply because those are "buried" among so many others.

Usually I want to pick a device by function, not by brand or manufacturer.

When I want a Piano, I want to pick the right one out of the ones I own.

Same when reaching for an Organ, an emulation of an analog synth or an Additive, FM, PM, a Sequencer or a Reverb, a Delay, a Compressor, Phaser, Flanger, etc...

Well, looks like now, thanks to Reason 10.0, we'll be able to do so.

We'll be finally able to do Favorite lists of Devices by device type or function or whatever you think is the most appropriate way to group your rack devices.

So, apparently, thanks to this first video stream from Propellerhead about Reason 10, we now know that, besides the announced new content and 2+3 (really) new instrument devices, there's also ONE new feature in the application.

Just this alone, together with Europa and Grain, makes the upgrade worthwhile now, IMHO :)
...add to that, whatever Propellerhead may still throw at us in future Reason 10.x sub-updates!

And speaking of Europa, here's the stream video about it: