Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remote Codecs released...

...and more on the way :)

I'm releasing some Remote Codec packs for the M-Audio MidAir MIDI Wireless Keyboard series and two other more obscure keyboards I own. So here are the links:
  • (this one will support the infinite 'Program Change' Value-to-Delta algorithm, because this little keyboard does something quite useful: as soon as 'Program Change' reaches 128 it restarts at 1 again. It also does the reverse of course, when reaching 1, if 'PROG -' is pressed again, it jumps to 128. This allows me to make it truly endless to the "eyes" of Reason, no matter at what value the keyboard is, it will always return a +1 or -1 delta to Reason. This is why I made Patch selection the default control for this one)

  • (just a simple generic codec, with correct name, thumbnail picture and 'Data Entry Fader' set to control every device 'Master Volume')
  • (3 versions are included for this one)
    • MidAir 25
      M-Audio MidAir 25 Remote Codec(supports the 8 Knobs, the 'Data Entry Fader', 'Sustain Switch' and some other less usable controls, like 'Reverb Depth', 'Aftertouch', 'Pan' and 'Program Change' as Value-type controls)
    • MidAir 25 (Special)
      (supports everything described above but 'Program Change' uses the 1 to 128 finite Value-to-Delta conversion algorithm)
    • MidAir 25 (Experimental)
      (as above with the added experimental Value-to-Delta conversion algorithm applied to 'Knob 8')

  • M-Audio MidAir 37 Remote CodecM-Audio MidAir 37 Remote Codec
    (I only provide the standard behavior on this one, at least for now)

So, after you download the Codec pack file, you unzip it to a temporary folder and simply follow the instructions provided in the ReadMe.txt file:
To install this codec, please copy the included folders "Codec" and "Maps" to the following directory:

Mac OSX:
Library:Application Support:Propellerhead Software:Remote

(older) Windows:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Propellerhead Software\Remote

(newer) Windows:
%ProgramData%\Propellerhead Software\Remote

Say you have a M-Audio MidAir 25. Here are the next steps:

Start Reason, go to 'Edit', 'Preferences', select the 'Keyboards and Control Surfaces' page, press 'Add', select 'M-Audio' in the Manufacturer pull-down list, then choose Model 'MidAir 25 (Special)' if you want to use 'Program Change' to select the current Track. Provide the correct MIDI input (or press the 'Find' button and play some keys on your MidAir) , press the 'OK' button and you're done :)

I plan to release a Generic MIDI Keyboard with the 2 types of Value-to-Delta conversion algorithm (the one included with Trust keyb and the other used with MidAir), so people with small'n'simpler MIDI keyboards that have at least 'Program Change' can use it with Reason for something useful :)

As soon as I revise my custom M-Audio Axiom 61 Remote Codec, I'll release it too. to get some sleep -.-'


  1. Hi! I'm looking for the "Quickshot midi composer" manual. Do you have this on pdf file? Can you send me a copy by mail?
    I thanks you a lot!!!!
    This manual don't exist on internet!!!!

  2. Hi :)

    Unfortunately I don't seem to have that manual anywhere... although, now that I think of it, I still have the original case somewhere in the garage. Guess I could take a look inside :)

    ...I don't even remember this keyboard having a manual, but I guess I could be wrong :D

    I'll post a comment if I find something :)

  3. Ok Koshdukai! thanks for answer!
    I'll be waiting for your comment. I really appreciate your help!

  4. oops... sorry for not getting back sooner!

    But, no good news on this, I'm afraid. Can't find the original manual anywhere :/

  5. if you are still here could you update the folder locations for where to put these maps for windows 10. I recognise some of these folders but others seem to have had a name change? thanks

    1. %ProgramData%\Propellerhead Software\Remote

      added :)