Saturday, December 3, 2016

Arturia DrumBrute Remote Codec

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When connecting an hardware instrument to Reason, where it can work both as a MIDI Controller (sending notes, controls, etc to Reason) and also as a MIDI Instrument (receiving notes, CCs, etc from Reason) it's always good practice to turn off its Local Control.
(unless you prefer to set the outgoing vs incoming to different MIDI Channels).

Local Control? What is that ?!
Well, usually, MIDI enabled instruments are able to disconnect their physical user-interface (keyboard/pads, knob/fader/buttons controls) from their sound "engine" or section(s).

Why is Local Control needed?
To avoid MIDI feedback loops or double triggering of notes, etc.

Imagine the following scenario in Reason (or any other DAW):

You have the External MIDI Instrument (EMI) rack device point to Arturia DrumBrute's (in) MIDI port, so you can send MIDI notes from Reason and trigger DrumBrute's pads (sounds).

Reason's EMI sending MIDI out to Arturia DrumBrute's MIDI in

But you also want to receive notes from the DrumBrute's pads/sequencer so you can easily record your pad playing into Reason's own Sequencer tracks.

To do that, you simply add a (generic) MIDI Controller Surface and point it to DrumBrute's (out) MIDI port.

Done, right?
Well, not really, because as soon as you try to record your pad playing into the EMI device that's also sending MIDI to the DrumBrute, you'll hear all your pads being played at least twice. On a worse case scenario (not DrumBrute's case), if the MIDI instrument does MIDI THRU from its MIDI IN to its MIDI OUT, then you'll get an endless loop of notes playing, going back'n'forth from the DAW to the instrument and back to the DAW and to the instrument again, ad aeternum ;)

This is why is usually a good idea to set Local Control to OFF on external MIDI instruments connected in these configurations. The alternative to this, like I briefly mentioned in the beginning, would be to work on different MIDI channels but in this particular case, I find the use of Local Control, when available, to be a more practical solution.

This is why I did for the DrumBrute something similar to what I had already for the MiniBrute:
A specific Remote Codec that will turn its Local Control OFF while being used with Reason, allowing independent use of both its "controller" aspect and its sound generation aspect, without any local connection between the two, all controlled through Reason.

So, here it is:

This Codec has 2 flavours built-in, showing up as "models":

"DrumBrute /<": it's a regular transparent one, just in case you prefer to use a dedicated Codec but don't want Local Control to be turned OFF. If you want this one, don't use auto-detection. You'll have to add it manually, by choosing "Add", "Arturia" and the "DrumBrute /<" model in the Edit, Preferences, Control Surfaces configuration of Reason.

"DrumBrute /< (Local OFF)": this is the one that will be auto-detected and added by default and it's the one that will turn DrumBrute's Local Control OFF when starting Reason. Local Control will be restored to ON when you quit Reason.
If for some reason you disconnected DrumBrute before quitting Reason (so Local Control ON couldn't be sent) simply connect the DrumBrute again to your computer, start Reason and quit Reason. That will allow Reason to send the "Local Control ON" again to DrumBrute and make the pads work again (locally, when not connected to Reason).

I hope that you find this little simple Codec useful when enjoying your DrumBrute with Reason :)


  1. Hi im stuggling to install this on my mac i can't find where to copy the folders, i tried to use the Library:Application Support:Propellerhead Software:Remote but my mac said it can't find the folder

    1. Unfortunately, I'm not a Mac OS user so I may be unable to help on this one :/ ...but everyone using OSX is either using that or this path (which should be equivalent):
      //Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote/

      Also, see if the Library folder isn't hidden by default.

      You can also try:
      [Mac HD]/Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote/

      All these are tips I've seen Mac OS users give to each other when installing Remote Codecs+Maps.

      I hope this helps!

  2. I'm also having problems with Reason 10 and the beatstep pro...Is there a way to split midi signal over a single usb/midi cabel and then program each of the sequencers to play a different instrument in the Reason rack? It seems they have not included the Beatstep pro midi map with the newest firmware and software update...I'm sorry if I'm missing something previously posted but I can note find a remote folder on my hard drive to copy your codex and maps into :(