Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teaser II (?): Improved MIDI output Codec demo...

uh... well... users kept asking me if this'n'that was possible, so, while explaining how to do it I ended up adding stuff to the Codec, namely, it even sends MIDI Program Change now :]

Here I'm showing the larger note range: 104 notes now, from C-1 to G7 through the use of 4 Codec instances, each controlling 32 note segments, like shown at the end of the video.

These technical demos are always a bit boring, I know, especially non-voiced over ones (and with lame note/chord sequences ;), but I'm in a noisy room at the moment so... I preferred doing yet another "silent" video with just the synths output being recorded. Sorry :)

oh, and I keep using VSTi's just because it's easier to capture everything on screen, but any external hardware device could be the target of the MIDI output. Then you can simply record its audio into a Reason audi track, et voila'!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teaser (?): A bit of fun with MIDI output from Reason

Hi ! :)

Made this little demo video today, showing something I tried a while back just to see if it was possible and... yeah, it is, but quite cumbersome and limited of course...

Aaaanway, since I mentioned it on a Prop forum thread about MIDI out, I felt like I should at least show I wasn't crazy or lying ;)

But... I won't waste any more time on this. I prefer to wait for a proper MIDI output solution from Propellerhead, like I did wait for a proper solution for Audio Input, Sampling and Recording.