Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RackExtensionReview is ON :)

A new site about Reason and Rack Extensions with News, Reviews, Tutorials and Forums was born today.

On the welcoming post, we can read:
«Considering so much has happened, so quickly on the Rack Extension front during the last 16 months or so, I don’t feel like online journalism has kept up with this rapid growth.  There isn’t really a definitive source for info, reviews and just general discussion on this amazing new Reason plugin format.  That is the goal of of RER – we want to be your first choice for reliable and entertaining RE news, reviews, interviews, and tutorials.»
So feel free to check the RER Forums, the excellent first Reviews (more on the way) and the upcoming Tutorials, currently focusing on "Control Voltage" aka CV with more subjects to come in the future.

CV in Reason: Behind those front panels

This first CV oriented tutorial series starts out by exploring all the different ways to control a Reason rack device. Some of those will be revisited in future tutorials to allow a more detailed coverage, going deeper into what's necessary to grasp some of the more mysterious aspects of Reason. might get yourself a free FXpansion TRES mono virtual analog synth ;)