Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How much is Reason 6 worth to me, R+R Duo user?

uh?! w00t!??!? but, but, but... ?!?!

That was basically my first 3 seconds of reaction as soon as I bumped into that announcement today.

Being a Record Reason Duo user always made me look at Reason 6 upgrade with less enthusiasm than Record 1.0 or 1.5 only users or Reason 1 through Reason 5 only users, because most of the giant upgrading jump was going to happen to them and not to R+R users.

Ok, so... there's The Echo, Alligator and Pulveriser which it may be just a nice or a huge upgrade, depending on how much you're an effect devices geek and how much you depend on effects in your music style.

On top of that, there's the monster expansion done to Reason's Factory Sound Bank, which is also a huge upgrade to those that rely or know how to take advantage of the preset patches either as-is or as starting points to customize, tweak and make them their own patches. The FSB is also a natural ground to learn some sound design and CV based tricks, btw ;)

hmmm... and then there's also the new (and much needed) audio pitch transpose feature to be used in the audio clips, besides the well known existing time stretching feature.

and... the 64bit availability, which is a must now with the common use of 64bit OS. Being able to take advantage of my 8Gb RAM (well, most of it... at least more than 3Gb) is always a good thing.

This new and time limited offer made me rethink a bit how I felt about the upgrade from Record 1.5 + Reason 5 to Reason 6.