Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Record Open Beta!

Record Open Beta is officially on, since yesterday at :)

Starting today, previous beta testers are no longer under the NDA, so expect most, if not all, future videos to feature Record instead of Reason, while demo'ing some of the devices that will be part of my microRefill KFX project(s).
The Record Open Beta lets you try out a fully working version of Record, using Record's internet authorization. Use the software without limitations as long as you are connected to the internet.
This trial period will last until Record's official release on September 9, 2009.
So, if you want to try the fully working version of Record 1.0 (RC4) until its release, Sept.9th, this is your chance :) ...head on to the site and join Record open beta to download Record!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Koshdukai's KFX: FiltaPowa V0.4 demo

While watching Jack Conte's "The Electro-Harmonix Riddle" demo video, I thought...

"uh.... I can do that with Reason"

...and KFX FiltaPowa was born =)

FiltaPowa works great with live input, either through the ASIO4ALL's ReWuschel trick or through Record 1.0 ;)

Some specs for KFX FiltaPowa:
  • Filter selection between LP 12, BP 12 and LP 24
  • Filter amount set by Attack/Decay envelope, Mod.Wheel or Sequencer Curve values
  • Sustain temporarily changed from middle setting by Pitch Wheel
  • Envelope triggering through audio with adjustable Sensitivity (incl. Soft Knee)
  • Optional Sequenced triggering of the Envelope (that's what the Matrix is there for)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remote "Shift" function

M-Audio Axiom LOOP transport buttonFor some days now, and while looking at my Axiom's transport buttons, I've been playing with the idea of using the "LOOP" button as a "Shift" key, to extend the functions of the other transport buttons.
M-Audio Axiom transport buttonsI thought of this because I keep turning on (and off, after recording) the little Click and Pre buttons, in Reason's (and now Record's) transport bar.

So, if I could implement this idea, the Axiom button currently used to turn on and off the Loop status would be more useful as a mode-extender for the remaining transport buttons, like:
  • LOOP+STOP would turn the Click On/Off
  • LOOP+RECORD would turn the Pre On/off
  • LOOP+PLAY would change the Loop status
...and I'm sure I would find some alternative function to the remaining buttons :)

I think I've seen something like this "Shift" mode in one of the factory codecs, so I'll have to check that out while having to look more carefully for this in the Remote SDK documentation.

My plan is to start simple, with single "Shift" modifier buttons, and if that works, try multi-modifiers (think of the equivalent computer keyboard modifier keys, like SHIFT, ALT, CTRL and all the combinations they provide, like SHIFT+ALT+key, SHIFT+CTRL+key, and so on...)

If this works, heck, I'll be extending a lot more controls of my Axiom!

I think this would be more natural to use than sequentially stepping to the various available "Keyboard Shortcut Variations" without any feedback, telling me in what Variation I'm in (since neither the Axiom nor Reason provide this information visually)

Well... I'll report about this later :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Akai MPD24 (Special) Remote codecs - Part I

I'm currently working on a special version of a Remote Codec for the Akai MPD24 (much like the one I did for my M-Audio MidAir 25).

The plan is, to take advantage of a mode where each of its 16 Pads sends a 'Program Change' message (from 1 to 16), to jump directly to (well, select) the respective sequencer track within those limits.

It's mainly a derivative of the algorithm I've used in the Trust and MidAir codecs, although with some limitations to work properly for the MPD24.

This was more or less a forum request (well, maybe more like a "oh, I can do that, really? How? Can you show me?" kinda thing). I've already sent my first test draft to the (fellow forum member) requester to see if it works or not (fingers crossed!), since I don't own an MPD24 (unfortunately!) so only he can test it and give some feedback.

As soon as we're happy with the result, I'll add this "Akai MPD24 (Special)" Remote Codec to the free download codecs list for anyone to try and use :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Propellerhead Record's beta Invites

I have some spare invites to give to my blog readers :)

So, to become a Record beta tester you simply have to:
  • be registered at Propellerhead forums
    (its free, you don't need to be a customer)
  • send a private message to Koshdukai
    (yours truly here)
  • with the title subject "I need a Beta test invite, please!!!" ;P
  • state why would you like to try Record at this stage
  • also state if you're already a Reason user or not
  • include the email address used to create the forum account
    (so the invite can be sent to you)
  • and that's it!
    First correctly written PM's will generate an invite email
    (while invites last!)

If you're the happy recipient of that email, you just need to follow the instructions included there, to enter the beta testing team :)

Good luck! :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beta testing Record

...and that's basically the "side project" that's been taking all my spare time, since my last post :D

ReGRAINZeR works great with it too, btw :)

More news... oh, I've been also working on GatoRbox V.0.3, an ASR (Attack, Sustain, Release) controlled gate effect box (Combinator) device that's working great.

V.0.2 only worked as standalone through internal variable Rate sequencing patterns, but V.0.3 will work also through external trigger of the sequence or event steps. Rate will also be controllable externally. All this to make it a compatible slave companion effect when controlled by ReGRAINZeR V.0.7 (ReGRAINZeR already includes a miniGatoR by default, not capable of ASR effects)

hmmm... ah, made some more GlitchLoopBox variants, 1X and 4X versions, with delta rate variation of the rate set by Rotary through Mod Wheel, with Stereo divergence controlled by the Pitch Wheel (so Left/Right get slight speed rate differences, making a cool stereo effect).

Current Beta versions of these also have some sort of interaction with the keyboard (notes C, D, E, F) to trigger a fading version of the loop being held in the buffer or (note G) to momentarily mute any held loop playing, but nothing as sofisticated as ReGRAINZeR... I still haven't decided if I'll keep this feature, since I don't know if this is of any real use, although it's kinda cool to know its there and that can be used if needed :P

I'm thinking of releasing LiveLoopBox 4X (the one on the last video demo) and maybe a pair of the simplest GlitchLoopBoxes soon, for free, since their so simple to make and almost using basic common knowledge technics so it wouldn't make any sense on including those in a non-free ReFill, I guess... :P

Last night I had a blast playing with some old pseudo-arpeggiators of mine (which the KPA-104 is an example). Felt like JMJarre (lasers not included, unfortunatly!) while testing Propellerhead Record ;P