Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quick Tip: 7x OSCs Thor

As I previously mentioned, Thor can have more than the standard known 3 simultaneous OSCs.
Here's an example of a 7xOSC Thor: 6 polyphonic OSCs + 1 monophonic OSC

(For demonstration purposes, I enclosed this example in a Combinator, allowing easy access to some of the available parameters to tweak. This is completely usable as a standalone Thor patch, and basically that's the advantage of extending the available OSCs)

Low Frequency Oscillator

One of Thor's components that can be used as an OSC is the LFO. If you look closely at the available LFO rates, you'll see that the rate can be pushed to audible frequencies (so it's not as "Low Frequency" as one would expect, uh? ;).

LFO1 is easy to sync to the keyboard input, making it possible to control its frequency in the usual musical scale. To do the same with LFO2, you'll need to make some modulation routing.
The Pitch-Wheel can also be added to the mix, to control both LFO's like a normal OSC.

This will allow you to use the available LFO waveforms, musically, and with careful planning, an LFO can be a quick way to add a sub-OSC without sacrificing a regular OSC or resorting to a multi-synth Combinator.

So, 3 OSC + 2 LFO's that's 5 "OSCs" right ? We're missing 2 more, uh?


Self-Oscillating Filters (and the Comb Filter too, because of its special characteristics) can also be used as rudimentary OSCs :) some experimenting and you'll see how easy it is to do so, locking the filter frequency to the keyboard tracking, so it can also be played musically, like any other OSC.


One thing to keep in mind is that, any component in the "dark/black" slots of Thor, is polyphonic, i.e. it'll have as many simultaneous instances triggered as there are notes played, the limit being what's set as the maximum polyphony. This makes the 3 OSC's, Filter's 1 & 2, the LFO1 and the Mod, Filter and Amp Envelope Generators, "polyphonic".

The same doesn't apply to Filter 3, Global Envelope and LFO2, making it "monophonic".
(Maybe now you understand why these show up in a different section on the available Modulation Matrix Source/Target possibilities)

This is why this patch mentions "6 poly OSCs + 1 mono OSC", where the mono OSC is LFO2.

So, with all these hints, can you achieve a phat 8xOSC monophonic Thor patch ? ;)

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