Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random access to a CV values list

Just added this little CV tool in the free download section (on the right): "K's Basics - Random access to a CV values list"

It's basically a way to access through CV indexing, a list of 3x32 "cells" of CV values (well, one of the list is within the Note range of CV values, but this example is enough to demo the concept).

So, if you're ever in need of generating a specific sequence of CV values controlled by another CV source, this is one way to do it :)

It's like having random or sequential access (in whatever direction you want) to a specific custom list of CV or note values, by using a CV controlled "cursor" (just connect the CV "cursor" source to the Rotary 1 CV input and tweak the Combinator modulation programmer Min/Max values to your needs).

This device was enough for something I was testing, but I'm sure it can be optimized with some thought and more time.

It won't work well in a real-time fast switching situation, since the CV output of the Matrix is delayed each time a switch (CV index selection) occurs. For that, another method must be used.

BTW, I also added K's Basics - ReDrum 'Vel to Level' test. It's just a little concept demo of something chainstyle was discussing in the forum.

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