Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's missing from Record 1.0 ?

All the new exciting and cool features one gets with Record 1.0 over Record 4.0 quickly became second nature as I made it my default music production application from the start.

I rarely use Reason 4 standalone now, and when I do, I'm quickly reminded of why using Record 1.0 is way better and more along the lines of what I've always wished for Reason in a long time.

I only go to Reason 4 now when I need to save something as a Reason file (as opposed to a .record file, impossible to share with Reason-only users) or quickly check something on a device, patch or browse a ReFill without having the hassle of going through the online authorization process of Record (or when I'm on an offline location) if I forgot to bring the Ignition Key (aka dongle) with me.

So it's only natural to say (and unfortunate to hear from the developer perspective, I'm sure) that it's easier for me (or any other user, I guess) to remember what's not implemented in Record simply because, the more I use it, the more I keep stumbling on the same missing features.

These are the ones I really miss when using Record 1.0:

  1. multi Audio import (this became more important recently, for me).

  2. clip-based pitch-shifting (and why not, global song pitch shift automation, like tempo).

  3. comp recording/editing for MIDI clips/tracks, like what's available for audio.

  4. option to easily convert a selected 14:2 reMIX or 6:2 microMIX device into main mixer strips, including all the compatible settings (fader, pan, eq values) and aux effect routings.

  5. Remote graphical cue/feedback of what's being controlled by what.

I recognize that there are a few more missing features that would improve a lot of Record's image and practical usefulness in the Music Production Software arena, like:
  1. MIDI output (this would at least help with the VSTi issues through virtual MIDI cabling).

  2. ReWire-host (again, this might help a lot with the VST issues through a ReWire-client/VST-host bridge-app).

There's some other missing features (like .sfz support, etc...) that truly belong with Reason and not Record, so I'll leave those for a future post... maybe after Reason 5.0 release ;)

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