Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Bernard Childcare Trust ReFill

Last August, Rob (PhiSequence) asked me if I was willing to join this collaboration project that Ben (3rdFloorSound) started, where all proceeds would go towards the Bernard Childcare Trust.

It was going to be a tough call for me, but I just had to fit this one in, between all the other projects I was involved at the time, so I could only say yes, of course :)

As Kurt (Peff) explains on his blog post, this is one way that our community can show their support through the established trust account for James and Nicole’s four children.

So, to give back something to those that are willing to help and show their support to JB's family, a bunch of Sound Designers started working on this new ReFill project.

It includes instrument and effect patches, REX loops and samples from 3rdFloorSound, DrDist/odarmonix, EditEd4TV, PhiSequence, RobbNeu and me. More were willing to help but due to their own time constraints weren't able to do so... this time.
Theo (NewAtlantisAudio) was able to find the time to help Ben at the last minute, setting the Kout.me account used to sell the ReFill with direct payment to the trust account.

Thanks to everyone involved in this, especially to Ben for coming up with the project and Rob, for telling me about it :)

What's on Koshdukai's folder ?

As some of you may know, one of the projects I was involved in had to do with the expansion of Reason 6 Factory Sound Bank (FSB6) which naturally left me with a bunch of spare patches and ideas I couldn't finish completely within the required time frame of that project. So, I had a few patch drafts already started that I could finish and add to this ReFill. Patches that fit this group are:
  • DIY 2x8+8 Rex Loops [Pad+Run] -KD.cmb - for Kong-like pad controller users, like some of my other FSB6 "DIY" patches
  • Happy Lead -KD.cmb - using one of my FSB6 chiptune and Pulveriser patches 
  • Reel Tape Machine -KD.cmb - it should be one of the DIY series but the name was already long or should I say, self-explanatory, as in... "put your own reel tape in there" :)
  • PlasTinCan -KD.zyp - plastic/tin can sound, ModWheel dependent (as with all my patches) :)
  • Fizzlin Thobbler -KD.thor - a variation of some of my FSB6 wobblers
  • MS2011 Rezo Lead II -KD.thor - a cool variation of one of my FSB6 MS2011 series
  • Warmth Deluxe II -KD.thor - a variation on one of my FSB6 Thor patch sets

btw, here's a little demo of those first 2 patches in action:

I also had some sample based experiments I was doing at the time with voice, waveshapes, sequences and patterns while using the Teenage Engineering OP-1 (during the Remote Codec+Map project, included in Reason 6.0.2 update), Arturia Oberheim SEM V (from my own patch bank, while beta testing it),  Arturia Spark and Novation X-Station, so I included some of them as an example of things one can do with the NN19 and NN-XT to fatten the sound of a single sample or what can be done with wave cycles or short sized samples or REX loop segments (slices) as sample sources. So these include:
  • OP1FM K002 -KD.wav -  one of my OP-1 patches sampled as a waveshape source
  • Transista -KD.smp - transistor organ patch using the OP-1 FM sample waveshape source
  • Cat Headral -KD.sxt - cathedral organ using the OP-1 FM sample as the waveshape source
  • OP1Digital K001 -KD.wav - another one of my OP-1 patches sampled
  • Reedoo Bass -KD.sxt - sound based on the OP-1 Digital sample as the waveshape source
  • Reedoo Lead -KD.sxt - a different take based on the above patch
  • Kosh Uh -KD.wav - yours truly attempting at doing a "silky white-noised male UH sound" -.-'
  • Human Uh Bass -KD.smp - simple waveshape loop of the "Uh" sample
  • Human Uh Bass II -KD.sxt - more elaborate version of the above
  • Bottle Spit Kit -KD.kong - Kong kit based on the "Uh" and OP1 samples
  • Laura Ola 201109 -KD.wav - my youngest daughter saying "Hello" in Portuguese
  • Laura Ah -KD.smp - simple short segment of the "Ola" sample
  • Laura Ah II -KD.sxt - hard looped but still playable texture based on the "Ola" sample
  • Nooh -KD.smp - simple waveshape loop use of the "Ola" sample
  • SeqIIObSEM_120 -KD.rx2 - source for some NN-XT and Kong patches in this ReFill
  • SeqIIObSEM_120 -KD.drex - set of possible variations one can have based on a single REX loop
  • Oh Be Weight -KD.sxt - short staccato-like vintage emulation based on the above REX slices
  • UltraBassSpark_090 -KD.rx2 - also a source for one Kong patch
  • UltraBassSpark_090 -KD.drex - again, variations on a single REX loop
  • UltraBass Kit -KD.kong - a Kong kit made of this REX segments
  • WhirlDistortSeq3Xstation_110 -KD.rx2 - a sequence of one of my Novation X-Station patches
  • WhirlDistortSeq3Xstation_110 -KD.drex - and some possible variations of it
  • WhirlDistortSeq3Xstation_110 -KD.mid - THE sequence :P 
  • Distorted Sequences -KD.kong - above sequence chopped up into shorter ones
  • SmoothTR808_120 -KD.rx2 - a smooth little pattern I did
  • SmoothTR808_120 -KD.drex - some variations
  • Smooth Kit -KD.kong - and a playable Kong kit version of it

But, I couldn't just use things I already had, so I did some patches especially for this ReFill, like:
  • Depeche-Toi! -KD.cmb - a split keyb patch, half drum + arp/sequence, half playable pad/lead
  • Butang Sereno -KD.xwv - a slow attack bass clarinet'ish / oboe based sound
  • Metallic Vibra -KD.xwv - the name says it all, I guess :)
  • Staccato Bass -KD.xwv - again... get some echo out of the ModWheel :)
  • Velocator Bass -KD.xwv - velocity dependent bass sound
  • Izobell -KD.zyp - I love doing bell sounds with the SubTractor :)
  • Old Duo Lead -KD.zyp - emulation of a duophonic vintage synth
  • Mowhard Bass -KD.zyp - slightly vibrant type of bass sound
  • Vanilla Cameleon -KD.thor - an experiment that mixes a lead and a pad

To end this rather long post, I just have to add that at least my Combinator patches are Reason 6 only, so if you're on a previous Reason version, those won't be visible when browsing the ReFill.

Now... go buy it!
It's for a cause very close to our hearts as a Reason users community :)

EDIT 2013/12/14: Today, I became aware that the original https://chec.kout.me/RERLPq site,
 where you could buy this ReFill, is not available anymore :(

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