Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teaser (?): A bit of fun with MIDI output from Reason

Hi ! :)

Made this little demo video today, showing something I tried a while back just to see if it was possible and... yeah, it is, but quite cumbersome and limited of course...

Aaaanway, since I mentioned it on a Prop forum thread about MIDI out, I felt like I should at least show I wasn't crazy or lying ;)

But... I won't waste any more time on this. I prefer to wait for a proper MIDI output solution from Propellerhead, like I did wait for a proper solution for Audio Input, Sampling and Recording.


  1. Very cool. Gotta love Props for making it this hard.

  2. ehehe, that's a funny way to put it ;)

    Well, still, I keep wishing they didn't try that hard to make it so darn difficult to keep our options open.

    The time we spend coming up with workarounds to get "the basics" is sometimes a bit nerve racking -.-'

  3. Hi, I very loved reason but I have a lot of hardware modules so I must working with cubase or other...
    This solution working for all? where I can find this midi soft?