Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rack Extensions: The Remote side of it... Part II

Missed Part I ? Click here ...or, just jump right into Part III with a link to ready made Remote Templates and some info on how to use them :)

Q3: Is there a better, full-proof way to get the proper Remoteables list used by a Rack Extension device ?

A3: Sure, from the Rack Extension device's documentation... if/when available :)
(or, the tedious manual way already mentioned on the previous Part I post)

So, try getting the Rack Extension User Manual, Remote Mapping Chart or even the MIDI Implementation Chart if available and check the index or (usually) the last pages of the User Manual (or try searching for "Remote", "Mapping", "Chart").

The only current example (that I know) of proper Remote documentation:

 Buffre Beat Repeater
: Go to the "Product website" or the "Product support page" and download the Operation Manual. Check Page 35 (true for v1.0.1) and there it is, the Remote Mapping Chart.

The previous page has the current MIDI Implementation Chart, if you need or want to control Buffre purely through MIDI CCs, without messing around with Remote mapping.

Some examples of how a MIDI Implementation Chart can also be helpful:

Propellerhead Pulsar Dual LFO: Go to the "Product website" and at the bottom of the page, look for the "MIDI Controller Chart" and download it. Not really a Remote Mapping Chart but you can check the Parameter column and try those parameter IDs as Remoteables. I know, I know, still hit'n'miss territory here... but if there's no Remote Mapping Chart, this could be the closest thing.
...oh and don't forget to get the Operation Manual and take a look at it. There's always something in there that you missed while simply using the device ;)

Propellerhead Polar Dual Pitch Shifter: Go to the "Product website" and again, at the bottom of the page, look for the "MIDI Controller Chart" and download it. Exact same thing as above... not really the Remote Mapping Chart but you can try using those parameters and see if those work as the Remoteables. Also, get the Operation Manual and check if there's anything you didn't know about Polar :)

Propellerhead Radical Piano: Already implemented on the "factory" provided Remote Maps, installed with Reason 6.5 but, like the above, there's a "MIDI Controller Chart" available, if needed in the "Product website" link :)

At the time of this post (and last update), I wasn't able to find anything like the above for:
  • Audio Damage
  • Synapse
  • Sugar Bytes: There are manuals but no MIDI Implementation or anything Remote related.
  • Softube: There are VST-version manuals with no specific info for the Rack Extension versions.
  • iZotope's Ozone Maximizer: A User's Guide exists with lots of interesting info, but no reference to Remote or MIDI Implementation.
  • FXpansion's Etch Red: Lots of excellent information, videos, demos and documentation, but nothing about Remote. Maybe the best would be to ask them in the dedicated support forum :)
  • GForce's Re-Tron: Excellent User Manual, video and demos but nothing about Remote or MIDI Implementation
  • Korg's Polysix: Lots of interesting and useful info but nothing about Remote Mapping.
  • AudioRealism's ABL2: There's a Manual (draft) but no Remote or MIDI Implementation info (yet?).
  • Sonic Charge's Bitspeek: User Guide exists, but nothing about Remote or MIDI implementation.

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