Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reason 10 ...yeah.

What's NEW?
  • 2x NEW Rack Extension instruments:
    • Europa: a shapeshifting synthesizer, so more than just a plain wavetable synth
    • Grain: a sample manipulator with various play algorithms, so not just grain based ones
  • 3x NEW IDT based ROMpler instruments with sounds provided by SoundIron:
    • Klang: with a selection of tuned percussion based acoustic instruments
    • Pangea: with a selection of odd/unusual/ethnic/world instruments
    • Humana: a Vocal Ensemble/Choir oriented instrument
  • 2x already existing and well known Rack Extensions:
  • ...and "multi-gigabyte infusion of cutting-edge drum loops and samples" by Sample Magic

So, ok... cool, new stuff is always cool, right? ...though, some isn't "new NEW", since many already interested in...
...pianos may already own Radical Piano
...time based audio mangling may already own Synchronous
...ethnic & world instruments may already own the IDT/ReFill collections and bundles available on the PH Shop and elsewhere or even as Kontakt instruments now that VST support is finally here
 ...vocal oriented libraries may already own SoundIron's own Olympus Micro ReFill or any of their or other existing Kontakt based offerings

Same with the Drum & Loop stuff. Anyone interested into that kind of content would've already accumulated a reasonable amount of 3rd party libraries already, right?

So, Reason 10.0 seems a bit disconcerting for many, as a major update for the existing Reason 9.5 faithful users that kept updating 'till the latest offering.

Reason 10.0 isn't really an update for existing Reason users ?

Maybe it's meant for first time customers wanting to finally try Reason ?!

Maybe it's for those that kept 1, 2, 3 or more versions behind and probably will think all this new stuff is worth finally upgrading ?! Not sure about this one though.

Sure, Europa & Grain alone might be a good excuse for R9.5 owners to jump on board the R10.0 train, since the upgrade price would basically be the price of those 2 new interesting Rack Extensions (apparently) not available as standalone offerings in the PH Shop, so upgrading to R10.0 is the only option to get them.

It's a bit confusing, at least to me, to say the least...  :/

Anyway, here's a few reactions of some YouTubers:

and... the official video :)

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