Friday, May 28, 2010

...and K001FX is finally Released! a "as is" edition.

Yup, more than a year was enough for me to figure that I had to release this as it is and don't bother to make a proper song demoing every little feature with the detail I wanted, nor making a .pdf document explaining the use and custom changes anyone could make to every device I had.

So... here it is "as is" and I hope those that kept requesting this either through mail, comments or YouTube messages can now enjoy this... finally! :)

So, what's in the "package" uh ?

Besides the Effect devices you see in the picture, you can also find in there 3 very small .rns songs that try to do some simple demoing of 3 of the devices. Nothing fancy, just some REX files with the device as an insert FX.

You'll find that ReGRAINZeR V.0.9 now allows you to engage a Fake Pitch-shift-like playable mode, by turning Rotary 3 full clockwise and using MIDI Keyboard notes C2 upward to "play" the audio source or any of the triggered live-grain loops. Don't forget that this Effects device needs a Sequencer track created for Keyboard control.

Also remember to try the Pitch and Mod wheels on all devices, especially on ReGRAINZeR's various modes.

FiltaPowa uses either an auto-trigger mode that uses the envelope of the audio source to control the envelope of the filter or a sequenced filter effect. There are plenty of sequenced patterns to try, although those are just examples, so you should make your own, of course.

GatorBox allows you to accomplish slow to fast tempo synced or unsynced gate (stutter) effects, giving you control of the Attack, Sustain and Release of the gate.

LoopBox is just that, a 4 slot audio sample'n'loop kinda effect, also usually known as a repeater.

Last but not least, to satisfy the curiosity of some that asked me about it too, I included the old ReGRAINZeR 0.2beta prototype featured in my first video demos, and also the 0.6.2beta included in the demo .rps file.

If you have any questions about these devices, please leave a comment here. I'll try to reply and do my best to explain or help to the best of my knowledge and spare time.

I hope you enjoy this little refill :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update 1: I really have to mention this, after looking at Google Analytics today.
I have to thank all the readers that usually come here directly, through rss or Blogger subscription, even though the rate of posts isn't that frequent (one does what one can :).
I also have to mention and thank to PropellerheadSW forums (and its users), Robbneu's Patch-A-Day, Google (some are doing "Koshdukai" searches out there :P), Lewis's Resonant Filter, PhiSequence aka Robert Anselmi's Reason 101 and even M-Audio's forums :D for the traffic around here.

Thank you! :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update 2: Just uploaded K001FX V.1.0.1. Made some tiny improvements on the included .rns songs to show off some of the possibilities of GatoRboX when triggered externally. Also did some tiny fixes to the "song" showing off the ReGRAINZeR (nothing special) and... ah, added some automation to the FiltaPowa! song, to show also the pattern based filter triggering.
None of the devices were changed, just the demo songs :)


  1. Thanks for the ReFill. Really digging Regrainzer!

  2. Thanks Lewis!

    I also hope that some of the solution I use may give some ideas for more cool stuff made by others., I'll have to "get rid" of my next microReFill, K002CV with some of the CV tools'n'tricks I use.

    At this release rate, it might be next year :D (I really hope not :P)

  3. Koshdukai! Is there any way you can repost this Refill???

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy :)

      Some are very simple but also very fun to use, IMHO and hopefully, somewhat educational for those wanting to investigate what's inside :)