Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reason 5, Record 1.5, and...

So, Reason 5 & Record 1.5 new features are almost known to the world.

4 down, 1 to go, eh? :D

Today's announcement about the new ability to do live Sampling in Reason 5, was one of the most inspiring to me, besides Neptune's Pitch-Adjusting, Live Audio Transposing, Formant and Voice Synth capabilities.

Finally, Reason Samplers deserve their name. They are now truly what their names have been implying for years... they are now real Samplers that can Sample :P

And being able to do live sampling during song play is even more awesome!

Imagine doing live beat-boxing with a running ReDrum, live sampling each channel while the patterns are running, adding up stacks of on-the-fly sampled noise/voice ? Nice eh? ;)

Add to that, live usage of Neptune's Voice Synth... pure bliss =)
(and now, Reason-only users can live-Vocode to boredom as well !!! ;)

The first time I saw Dr.Octo Rex I thought "meh... it's just a 8xDr.Rex... I already have that in a Combinator" but after knowing more about it (watch the video and read the specs!) I gained a new respect for this new device :)
Although I'm not a serious loop user, I must admit that the new Slice Reverse, Alternate Slice groups and that pretty cool Slice Edit Mode are very serious upgrades to Dr.Rex, besides the ability to easily alternate between 8 loaded REX loops.

Now, the thing that got me intrigued and excited at the same time was Blocks.
I used to compose a lot with a music tracker application, so I'm very used (forced to, at the time) to pattern composing a song. Reason's sequencer liberated me of that, where now I could finally compose and live record my MIDI performances without any rigid length constraints.

This new way of looking at Reason and Record sequencer, through Blocks, makes me go back in time, more or less... although, in truth, it'll make me go forward ;) because now we can mix both worlds, pattern composing with Blocks mixed with the existing Song tracks.

Some might say that Blocks is almost like track audio/midi clips, and that's true, but taken to the whole Song level, well above tracks. It'll allow the same vertical editing at song level that we have now at track level. Very cool and unexpected feature indeed! :)

Oh, and I almost forgot!!! TAP TEMPO!!! Did you see it ? There's Tap Tempo now, on the new Transport section. It's easily seen on some of the videos that glance over the Tempo section.

It's almost unbelievable how many requests and suggestions are being implemented in this release.

Ok, so... tomorrow the world will know about the 5th and last known hidden feature. Can't wait! :D


...maybe something will happen here too, 24 hours after we all know what's that 5th feature about ;)

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