Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Tip: CV2Audio2CV

I guess it's common knowledge that Thor is much more than a very powerful synth :)

Besides being a very powerful versatile multi-filter+effects device, it's also a very capable CV machine, capable of very cool and useful CV processing and generation.

I have many basic patches at hand that I use as basic building blocks to build more complex combinators. Some I've already mentioned here, but many others I keep to myself because there are already equivalent devices made by others before me, or some are so basic (although useful) that I think it would be kind of weird to mention them here.

Recent events lead me to change this idea a bit. I'm beginning to realize that what some may consider as basic knowledge, it may be news to others, so why not make some quick posts about it ?

So, this post will quickly show a very useful use of Thor's modulation matrix and input'n'outputs at the back.

This little patch deals with CV to Audio and Audio to CV:

So, what's the use for such a basic and simple patch ?

Well... watch this video done by Ed "EditEd4TV" Bauman and maybe you'll get an idea of how complex such a simple patch can get.

Future posts will show you how "CV2Audio2CV" is the basic building block to build a "CV Delay", itself a building block of "CV Scope", inspired by Ed's very cool VisualCVOscilloscope demo :)

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