Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Been working on ReGRAINZeR this week :)

After playing a lot with V.0.6.2 to see if there were no concept bugs, and that there wasn't anything else worth of adding without needlessly bloating it, I took some time to take it to V.0.7, the one that implements external CV control of other KFX Machines, acting as "slaves", to substitute the included internal slim effects.

ReGRAINZeR V.0.8 was born as soon as I decided it was time to build everything from scratch. This was also the time to tighten the implementation, leaving all the extra devices used in the beta phase to ease any new feature I decided to add.

So now, V.0.8 has 7 less reMix devices and 1 less Spider CV device :)
I could get rid of 6 more Spider CV's, if only the Splitter section had 1 extra inverted CV out in each pair :( ...oh well.

The two internal (with Button 3's "External Control" turned off) effects: Mute (with C#) and Gate (with D#), have now some little new features.

C# has now a Rattle effect capability, so one can use Rotary 3 to go from Mute to a fast Rattling effect, still applied only to the Source Audio.

D# still uses the Mod.Wheel to change the microGatoR speed, but now, Aftertouch (if active through Button 4's "Aftertouch Gate") will now slow down the speed a bit.

Oh, and one more thing...

I decided to release the
microReFill KFX001
as a

If all goes as planned, it'll include:
  • ReGRAINZeR (most surely V.0.9 Stereo and maybe the lighter Mono version too)
  • FiltaPowa
  • GatoRboX
  • LoopBox4Live
  • LoopBox4Glitch
  • and maybe some oldies... :)
Why this change of plans ? Well, I was going to use this ReFill to earn just enough cash to buy either Record 1.0 or Reason 5.0 upgrade.

I ended up getting Record 1.0 basically for free, so I guess it's my turn now to give something for free too , uh? :)

A free "as is" release will also spare me of having to provide proper documentation and support too ;)


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to the refill. How did you score Record for free? Do tell.

  2. Hi :D

    Well... it was an unexpected (but very welcome, as you can imagine) "Thank You" gift for helping with Record related stuff :)

    BTW, dunno if I already said this, but congratz on your cool blog ^^

  3. Damn, that's a cool gift! The Props are good people.

    Thanks on the blog ;-).

  4. Hi joe :)

    Well, I'm planning on releasing ReGRAINZeR as part of the free "KFX Machines #001 microReFill" with some other "devices" (Combinator patches) soon (aka maybe before Xmas, time permiting).

    It'll also include the previous beta versions, so everyone can check the changes made, and hopefully even, fully understand how it was done.

    My problem right now is to have some spare time to make enough good demo/tutorial Reason songs to include in the ReFill and correctly show the wide possibilities and flexibility of the device :)

    Because, besides acting almost like a real-time granular effect (like the demo videos show), it can also be used to spice-up some boring plain audio sample loops or multiple layers of REX files (like I tried to show with the downloadable demo song), and more... :)

    ...unfortunately, making such instructional demo songs takes time, something I don't currently have, and this is the main reason this isn't released yet :(