Monday, September 7, 2009

WANTED: Spare Time!

My (quite small) spare time, these past weeks, have been "wasted" playing with Record 1.0 =)

Every little chance I got, I spent it playing with Record, while giving a good test run on my custom Remote codec for the M-Audio Axiom 61.

I've implemented the "Shift" function I've talked about earlier, and added a triple way to use Program Change, Bank LSB and Bank MSB.

Each of these, trigger 3 types of events simultaneously: an Absolute value, a Delta simulation value and an Increment/Decrement button pair simulation.

So, this is a snippet of the added features I'm using now:
  • Select Patch for Target Device (Delta) = Program Change (Delta)
  • Target Track (Delta) = Bank LSB (Delta)
  • Remote Base Channel = Bank MSB
  • ID8's Select Previous Preset = Program Change Down
  • ID8's Select Next Preset = Program Change Up
  • LOOP On/Off = Shift+PLAY
  • Click On/Off = Shift+STOP
  • Precount On/Off = Shift+RECORD
  • Tempo BPM = Knob 8
  • Click Level = Shift+Knob 8
  • Select Previous Keyboard Shortcut Variation = Shift+REWIND
  • Select Next Keyboard Shortcut Variation = Shift+FORWARD
As you can see, the Delta or the Up/Down version of the supported Program Change, LSB and MSB Bank change, all have its usefulness, depending on the control one needs to assign :)

I'll release this custom Axiom codec as soon as I have time to clean it up a bit on the other device mappings and package it in a proper way.

...oh, and btw, I had to make a little change to settings sent to Axiom because of the Loop button (the one I'm calling "Shift" now) so it would work like a "shift" key... only active while pressed.

The default settings sent to Preset 10 won't support this behavior, so I decided to make my own, but to not break compatibility with the standard Axiom codec, my custom overwrites Preset 09, instead of Preset 10.

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