Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Administrivia: "The Blue Chapter" aka "let's try AdSense"

Not sure if anyone noticed, but my red'ish/orange themed blog changed to blue... which, coincidentally matched the color change on PH's Shop :]

This was the 1st of a few more changes to this blog.

I'm going to slowly "clean" it up of all the extra link sections, now temporarily pushed to the bottom.

Already added a "Spare Music Products on eBay" section because I finally went through my license collection and found a few unused spares that should really go to someone that will use them. I have more licenses waiting to be added to that list, but there are some limits to how many/much one can have on sale, so... there's actually a queue behind that section.

Next, will be experimenting with AdSense (configure your own Ad experience here**). Not sure how that works but that's something that I never bothered to try and I guess it's time to, so I'm waiting for the approval thingy. After that, don't be surprised to see some ads somewhere around here.

and... that's about it :)

Sorry for this "null content" administrivia post but I wanted to give some kind of heads-up about the future use of AdSense ads before actually adding them to the blog.

Well, guess all I need to do next is to (re)start posting something interesting and hopefully useful again soon, uh? ;)

Edit: **I'm slowly finding stuff about this Ad stuff.

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