Friday, February 6, 2015

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library: Free musical sample/stems sharing done right!

 Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library


I'm extremely impressed with this initiative from Converse (yes, that sneakers company, no less!!!) through their Converse Rubber Tracks community-based professional recording studio in Brooklyn, NY.

The design of the site, the user experience and interface, the filtering and searching capabilities, proper metadata details (who did what, where and when, tempo(s), key(s), etc) and obviously the amount and the quality of content are totally amazing.

One-Shots, Loops, Stems on lots of genres, playing styles and instrument types.

I'll say it again: WOW!
...and my respect, admiration and inevitable thanks to...

footwear company for doing it right :)

Twitter results for #RubberTracks
Rubber Tracks @rubbertracksnyc

...and why am I posting this here?
NN19, NN-XT, ReDrum, Kong, Audio tracks, Dr.OctoRex, ReCycle... ring a bell? :)

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