Sunday, July 19, 2009

Koshdukai's KFX: FiltaPowa V0.4 demo

While watching Jack Conte's "The Electro-Harmonix Riddle" demo video, I thought...

"uh.... I can do that with Reason"

...and KFX FiltaPowa was born =)

FiltaPowa works great with live input, either through the ASIO4ALL's ReWuschel trick or through Record 1.0 ;)

Some specs for KFX FiltaPowa:
  • Filter selection between LP 12, BP 12 and LP 24
  • Filter amount set by Attack/Decay envelope, Mod.Wheel or Sequencer Curve values
  • Sustain temporarily changed from middle setting by Pitch Wheel
  • Envelope triggering through audio with adjustable Sensitivity (incl. Soft Knee)
  • Optional Sequenced triggering of the Envelope (that's what the Matrix is there for)


  1. Hehehe , For me It's very old reason trick .
    I create something like this long time ago, and I even forgot about it.
    Thanks for bringing my memory back :P

    Btw. What software for video recording you use ?

  2. Hi,

    Well, I'm glad this is old for you.
    I've never had any need for such a combinator, so watching the "Electro-Harmonix Riddle" demo was what triggered the idea :)

    I'm using "Debut Video Capture Software". Not the best, but it's free and does enough good .mp4 encoding, so it works for me :)