Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remote "Shift" function

M-Audio Axiom LOOP transport buttonFor some days now, and while looking at my Axiom's transport buttons, I've been playing with the idea of using the "LOOP" button as a "Shift" key, to extend the functions of the other transport buttons.
M-Audio Axiom transport buttonsI thought of this because I keep turning on (and off, after recording) the little Click and Pre buttons, in Reason's (and now Record's) transport bar.

So, if I could implement this idea, the Axiom button currently used to turn on and off the Loop status would be more useful as a mode-extender for the remaining transport buttons, like:
  • LOOP+STOP would turn the Click On/Off
  • LOOP+RECORD would turn the Pre On/off
  • LOOP+PLAY would change the Loop status
...and I'm sure I would find some alternative function to the remaining buttons :)

I think I've seen something like this "Shift" mode in one of the factory codecs, so I'll have to check that out while having to look more carefully for this in the Remote SDK documentation.

My plan is to start simple, with single "Shift" modifier buttons, and if that works, try multi-modifiers (think of the equivalent computer keyboard modifier keys, like SHIFT, ALT, CTRL and all the combinations they provide, like SHIFT+ALT+key, SHIFT+CTRL+key, and so on...)

If this works, heck, I'll be extending a lot more controls of my Axiom!

I think this would be more natural to use than sequentially stepping to the various available "Keyboard Shortcut Variations" without any feedback, telling me in what Variation I'm in (since neither the Axiom nor Reason provide this information visually)

Well... I'll report about this later :)

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