Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Akai MPD24 (Special) Remote codecs - Part I

I'm currently working on a special version of a Remote Codec for the Akai MPD24 (much like the one I did for my M-Audio MidAir 25).

The plan is, to take advantage of a mode where each of its 16 Pads sends a 'Program Change' message (from 1 to 16), to jump directly to (well, select) the respective sequencer track within those limits.

It's mainly a derivative of the algorithm I've used in the Trust and MidAir codecs, although with some limitations to work properly for the MPD24.

This was more or less a forum request (well, maybe more like a "oh, I can do that, really? How? Can you show me?" kinda thing). I've already sent my first test draft to the (fellow forum member) requester to see if it works or not (fingers crossed!), since I don't own an MPD24 (unfortunately!) so only he can test it and give some feedback.

As soon as we're happy with the result, I'll add this "Akai MPD24 (Special)" Remote Codec to the free download codecs list for anyone to try and use :)

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