Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beta testing Record

...and that's basically the "side project" that's been taking all my spare time, since my last post :D

ReGRAINZeR works great with it too, btw :)

More news... oh, I've been also working on GatoRbox V.0.3, an ASR (Attack, Sustain, Release) controlled gate effect box (Combinator) device that's working great.

V.0.2 only worked as standalone through internal variable Rate sequencing patterns, but V.0.3 will work also through external trigger of the sequence or event steps. Rate will also be controllable externally. All this to make it a compatible slave companion effect when controlled by ReGRAINZeR V.0.7 (ReGRAINZeR already includes a miniGatoR by default, not capable of ASR effects)

hmmm... ah, made some more GlitchLoopBox variants, 1X and 4X versions, with delta rate variation of the rate set by Rotary through Mod Wheel, with Stereo divergence controlled by the Pitch Wheel (so Left/Right get slight speed rate differences, making a cool stereo effect).

Current Beta versions of these also have some sort of interaction with the keyboard (notes C, D, E, F) to trigger a fading version of the loop being held in the buffer or (note G) to momentarily mute any held loop playing, but nothing as sofisticated as ReGRAINZeR... I still haven't decided if I'll keep this feature, since I don't know if this is of any real use, although it's kinda cool to know its there and that can be used if needed :P

I'm thinking of releasing LiveLoopBox 4X (the one on the last video demo) and maybe a pair of the simplest GlitchLoopBoxes soon, for free, since their so simple to make and almost using basic common knowledge technics so it wouldn't make any sense on including those in a non-free ReFill, I guess... :P

Last night I had a blast playing with some old pseudo-arpeggiators of mine (which the KPA-104 is an example). Felt like JMJarre (lasers not included, unfortunatly!) while testing Propellerhead Record ;P

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