Friday, July 10, 2009

Propellerhead Record's beta Invites

I have some spare invites to give to my blog readers :)

So, to become a Record beta tester you simply have to:
  • be registered at Propellerhead forums
    (its free, you don't need to be a customer)
  • send a private message to Koshdukai
    (yours truly here)
  • with the title subject "I need a Beta test invite, please!!!" ;P
  • state why would you like to try Record at this stage
  • also state if you're already a Reason user or not
  • include the email address used to create the forum account
    (so the invite can be sent to you)
  • and that's it!
    First correctly written PM's will generate an invite email
    (while invites last!)

If you're the happy recipient of that email, you just need to follow the instructions included there, to enter the beta testing team :)

Good luck! :D


  1. I've got a few invites left as well, so if you run out let me know...

  2. There, now you know who to "annoy" if mine run out ;)

    Thxs L.72! :)