Monday, June 15, 2009

FAQ: I've sent you my work-in-progress so we can colaborate!


Please, don't send me any patches or combinators you're working on and you're planning on selling or even releasing them for free in the future.

This puts me in an uncomfortable and awkward position of having no chance to refuse it (because you already sent it) and even if I simply delete the attachment without opening it (which I do), I'll never be sure if someone in the future will claim something like "oh, but that combinator you made was my idea! I sent you that combinator and you copied the idea" brrrr... I hate to think of such situation.

In this age where it's so easy to illegally copy someone's work and distribute it for free without the author's consent, to me, even worse is idea stealing and releasing something without proper credits to the ones involved.

At least, the illegal copies (usually) keep the credits of the rightful authors of the thing (which I hope will be the case with any of my soon-to-be-released ReFills, whenever I find one floating around on the net without my consent).

I'm all for exchanging tips'n'tricks and helping the best I can with what I know. This is why I like to hang out at Propellerhead's Forums (if you don't, you should! Go there right now and sign up! oh and register your Reason copy ASAP, you won't regret it :)

So, please, if you want to collaborate with me on any work you're doing, don't send anything upfront. Let's discuss first, through this blog comments, through the Prop's Forum or even through email, and only after that we'll see if it's something that will benefit both :)

Thank you ^^

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