Tuesday, June 9, 2009


While browsing the "Feature Suggestions" forum, I saw descathach's "ReLive" post and decided to explore what could be done about it.

So, I'm now playing with REXTrigga (formerly named, incorrectly, as LoopTrigga) a 14 Dr.REX Combinator device, each with it's loop triggering through C2 to C#3.

I stopped at 14 loops simply based on using up all 14 channels of a reMIX 14:2 and for what I was trying to do, 14 is more than enough, though its very easy to add more :)

Now, to find a place to put this thing for easy downloading...

Ah, I guess this one will work.

BTW, this is a perfect example of why I kept asking for a Transpose setting for the Combinator :)


  1. In normal , when you put REX in to combinator you have Transpose in C-2 to C0 , and slice select/play From C1

    When you add RPG-8 you can make Random/Patern slice player or transpose selector.

  2. Indeed, that's described in the "MIDI Implementation Charts" .PDF document included with Reason 4 :)

    I just did LoopTrigga as a reply to something being requested in the props forum.

    If you add to it some Remote Override keys mapped to the Dr.REX "PREVIEW" buttons (like someone suggested in that forum thread), you're set to go :) ...it's almost like playing with Ableton Live's loop slots :P (almost!).

    The RPG-8 is really great to randomize things up, be it in a Dr.REX like you said or with a .REX file loaded in NN-XT or even with a ReDrum :D

    After I finish exploring what more can I do with the DDL-1, I plan to do some RPG-8+Matrix based combinators, to extend the initial Pseudo-Arpeggiators I did, like the KPA-104