Friday, June 12, 2009

Koshdukai's KFX Machines: LiveLoopBox

Just finished another device, useful for live performances, human-beatbox style or live one-man acoustic or acapella performances with on-the-fly minimalistic rhythm and bass lines.
(please check the videos below to get the idea)

LiveLoopBox has 4 live sampling audio loops of up to 2secs each (adjustable in steps synced to Reason tempo). You can stack a bunch of'em to get more loop slots for the same audio source by splitting it through some Audio Spiders and then control the group through Remote, as you always can with Reason :)

It works by constantly sampling the audio source and maintaining the loop as soon as its triggered.

"Wait ?!? Live audio input with Reason ???" :P

Well, you can use Reason with live input right now, through ASIO4ALL's ReWuschel (Windows only) or... you can wait for Record :D

Anyway, I may come up with other uses for it, in a more traditional sequenced Reason song, which I'm sure will be the main scenario where the device must prove its usefulness :)

Until I have time to make a little video demo of it (and while doing that, also show how to have live Audio IN with Reason), here's Imogen Heap's live acapella, Kid Beyond's beatbox and Yoed Nir's cello performances, that shows what can be done with such a device.


  1. Ai que tá tão very nice indeed! Caraças! Mostly the first one!
    Ginger likes!
    Ginger listens TWICE! TWICE!!!! As in DUAS VEZES!!


  2. -.-'

    I'm glad you liked some of the videos :)