Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Planned ReGRAINZeR V.1.0 "models"

As anyone would expect, a real-time grain/loop device relies heavily on the only available on-the-fly sample'n'loop devices Reason provides us (at least up to Reason 4): the echo devices :)

...in this case, the versatile DDL-1 Digital Delay Line device.
So, a full stereo ReGRAINZeR with multiple readily available key triggable loops of real-time audio source sampling, can be an overkill if many instances are needed in a song... at least in theory, because I still haven't done any heavy duty tests on complex songs with multiple instances of the device.

As you can see in the demo videos (try watching the 16:9 HD version of demo 2), the DSP meter at the bottom left corner shows what happens CPU wise in that song, with one instance of the device running on a Core 2 Duo laptop. I'm still not sure about memory consumption, so I need to run some test for that.

Anyway, even if the current full-featured model of ReGRAINZeR proves to be as light as a feather to CPU+RAM resources, I think it's a good idea to plan and make various versions of the thing, and these are what to expect in a future planned microReFill:
  • KFX-GRNZ1S - Full-featured Stereo ReGRAINZeR main model.
  • KFX-GRNZ1M - The same full-featured model but in a Mono output version, so half the resources needed.
  • KFX-GRNZ1D - Dual audio channel (Left and Right) with separate control octave per channel, so it's like having 2 mono ReGRAINZeRs with the lower octave controlling the 1st channel (Left), and the upper octave controlling the 2nd channel (Right).
  • KFX-GRNZ1LS - Light Stereo model. It retains most of the fixed stepped grain/looping features while loosing all the fancy tweakable things like the Aftertouch gate trigger or the glitch/pitch/speed tweaks of the Rotary 1, Pitch and Mod Wheels. Basically, it only retains the C1 to G1 white keys triggering.
  • KFX-GRNZ1LM - Same thing, in Mono. This will be the lightest model of all, basically, it'll be a 5x DDL-1 Combinator plus the expected internal CV wizardry.
  • KFX-GRNZ0V -As a bonus, I'll also include the original V.0.2beta version you see being used in the video demos :) ... V for Vintage or 0 Version :P
All 5 models will have enough patches to cover all possible octave transpose settings, to easily adjust to the various keyboard sizes and mappings.

I'm still deciding if I should release these in a standalone microReFill or wait a while and add more devices I'm also working on, based on the ReGRAINZeR interface, like a real-time LoopBox (cool to be used live... think Record or ASIO4ALL's ReWuschel :), a GatoRbox and the still sketchy and flaky RePITCHeR (not sure if this one will ever get out of the KFX Labs).

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