Monday, June 15, 2009

Live Audio IN with Reason & LiveLoopBox demo

As promised, here's the video explaining how to get live audio input in Reason :D
(the unofficial way, of course, because the only official and proper way would be through Record!)

If you're a ReBirth user, and you still need to use it ReWired to Reason, do not install ReWuschel!
(better make this clear)

This is really old news, but I still keep bumping into Reason users that don't know this is possible or how easy it is to do.

This little trick is really only useful to those that don't own a DAW or those wanting to use Reason effects in a live situation, including the advantage of playing side-by-side with a saved song and an included track with the recorded automation of all the effects tweaking and mix levels automatically applied to the live feed in a live performance.

Then, I also take the opportunity in the video to show the LiveLoopBox I talked about in earlier posts :)

There are two versions:
  • GlitchLoopBox simply allows to change on the fly the loop length, making the well known DDL-1 glitch noises one gets when tweaking the Delay Time.
  • LiveLoopBox is exactly the same device, but with the Rotary knobs changed for the Volume Level of each loop slot.
(oops, while making the video I've noticed that I forgot to change the labels... oh well, the ReFill will have them correctly labeled)

These devices are basically small simpler versions of the ReGRAINZeR without keyboard control.

So, here's the video :)

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