Saturday, June 13, 2009

Working on ReGRAINZeR V.0.5beta

Still solving an issue I'm not comfortable with.

The current version is Velocity sensitive, so to work properly, the user must press the keyboard keys with enough velocity to make sure it sustains the loop properly and also cuts completely the audio source.

This will be optional in the final version, because I also found it cool to have it for further expressiveness, controlling the Wet/Dry mix through Velocity.
So, Button 4 will switch Keyboard Sensitiveness ("Keyb.Sense") ON, being OFF by default. This setting already disables Aftertouch gate control when OFF (the default), because sometimes that option gets in the way of the performance.

I already have a working solution, but it's bulky and will add some unexpected complexity to an already complex device, so I'm still trying to figure out a more elegant way to do it.

I woke up with 2 ideas to test. The 1st one looked great on a draft combinator, but failed miserably when applied to the real thing. This fail was what led me the more bulky but working solution (the one I mentioned above).

Going to test the 2nd "simple" idea now... let's hope it works :)


  1. Hi You are not the one who is working with CUSTOM Reason Device/Combinator.

    I want to share with you.
    Can you contact with me on MSN or MAIL ?

  2. an email was sent :)

    ...although I don't quite understand your comment, I'm sure you'll explain it better over email :)