Thursday, June 25, 2009

KFXmachines - ReGRAINZeR V.0.6.2beta DEMO release

I've decided to release a little demo .RPS file with the latest version of ReGRAINZeR and wait a while to see what happens :)

Click here to download ReGRAINZeR V.0.6.2beta DEMO
About this little demo:
  • It uses 2 demo units. One applied to a drum REX dual loop Combinator, and the other to a guitar REX also dual loop Combinator.
  • Both units are using the C1 to B1 MIDI keyboard octave keys.
  • Key mappings are shown on the help screen, on the right of the device.
  • On that screen, P stands for Pitch Wheel, M for Mod.Wheel and R1 for Rotary 1.
  • Gate effect (stutter) is activated by pressing D1# or through Aftertouch, if that option is turned on. Speed is controlled by the Mod.Wheel.
  • External Control CV Output is not implemented on V.0.6.x
After listening to the example performance made with both units, you can (should) mute or delete the performance clips and play a bit with each of the ReGRAINZeR demo units.

You could also copy any devices+tracks of a song of yours and paste it within this demo song, and after some rack rewiring at the back, you can check what ReGRAINZeR could do when applied it.

Remember that although it's an Effect, it needs a Track assigned to it so you can control it through the MIDI Keyboard.

ReGRAINZeR still retains a little Velocity sensitivity, useful to get some effects.

If you have any questions, you can place them as comments, and I'll do my best to answer them :)


  1. Damn, I was thinking for sure you used a Redrum to do this! Nice work, can't wait to see what else you come up with....

  2. Hehehe , Vocoder and Thor , I didn't expect it.
    But i don't like it , my own combinator for loops is much better :p

    Btw. I finish one of my Advanced Mastering Combinator with more than 100 devices .
    When I finish presets for it , probably I will show you demo video.

    Ps. If you have problem with cables and wires try use "L" in reason , this will show you what is conected. If you have Record , and you use "L" ant than select one device , Record will show you only connected wires in selected device !! I use Record for "cable debug" ;p

  3. L.72: Thank you :)

    ...there are a lot more companion devices to be triggered by ReGRAINZeR (but also working as standalone FX boxes), as well as simpler/lighter versions of it.

    For instante, LiveLoopBox and GlitchLoopBox are exactly that, but instead of the MIDI Keyboard, it uses the more traditional Combinator buttons for trigger'n'hold the loops and the rotary knobs for messing with settings, like loop slot levels, time slicing and others.

    There are variations of those 2, that mainly play with time slices (for scratch simulation), stereo divergence (where time slices diverge on each of the stereo channels) etc...

    I'm spending some time now (again) with RePITCHeR, trying to make it work, but it's not stable enough to be useful.

    My only problem with all of this is that, it'll take some time until I can release everything as a proper ReFill.

  4. NaviRetlav: Yes, the "L" shortcut is used a lot when messing with cables at the back :)

    I'm glad you got in the Record beta testing program. So you like Record ?

  5. Yes , record is nice , but beta with debug mode is a terrible cpu eater and have some bugs.
    If you want to test it , you can find it on torrent sites ( ) :P

  6. NaviRetlav: ah, the leaked release... nah, I'll wait for the final version.

    There's already enough info out about it to satisfy my curiosity, there's no need to download an illegal copy of the debug-mode beta.

    ...besides, I wouldn't bare the impossibility to submit bug reports to them.

  7. The LiveLoopBox and GlitchLoopBox sound killer! Can't wait for the refill. BTW, If you want to check out the record beta let me know, I've got an invite for finding a couple of bugs.

  8. OK , here it is .

    My combi demo.

    Please use headphones for best experience.
    Sory for audio compression and timeing.

  9. L.72: w00t? :D really? Sure thing, it would be great to be a part of the beta test! I didn't know there was beta invites =)~

  10. NaviRetlav: Just saw it, wow, 100 devices! Sounds like there's a lot of work in that device :) ...btw, isn't Left/Right reversed in the video?

  11. Em , I don't know , probably you have right.

    104 devices and now it is a cpu killer.
    Because you cant control all with knobs, I Create 37 presets for that combinator.
    And that presets are only basic setup.
    I have there wire jungle :p

    Also I create small version of this combinator.
    It's working similar , but effect is different.

    There is one very important thing , probably you miss it .
    In that video I use stereo imput , but If I connect mono to my combinator , effect is very similar !!
    YES it sounds like 3Dstereo even if i use mono as sound source!!
    Even more , look at this screenshot.

    I put stereo imager before combinator , set it to mono , and second stereoimager to see wide soud.
    And one more thing , there is no any working Deley/Reverb effect !!

    Now you can say what you think about my device :P

    ps. if you want , you can put my video and my comment interpretation, as news on your blog . I don't have blog , and I don't want it because I will don't have many visitors.
    I even don't finish my commercial site :p

  12. L.72: IF you really have option to give someone legal beta , please give it me.

    I want to help, even more , I know where Record have bugs , but I don't know what is fixed in last build , and how to rapport it .