Saturday, June 6, 2009

once ReLOOPeR, now ReGRAINZeR

Shot some more videos, with another screen setup, now taking advantage of YouTube's 16:9 HD support, while now trying a firewire digital camera to shoot the actual MIDI keyboard controller being used as I did with the 1st video... but there's still some video latency :( ...guess it's because I had to turn the video graphics acceleration off so the desktop capture software can pick it up. Ah well... I'll choose one of the videos and upload it anyway :)

I found something already named Relooper through Google, so I'm renaming the device ReGRAINZeR (naming's getting better'n'better, uh? right... -.-')

I still tried using ReGRAINeR but Google found something like that too, some film effect thing.

So, after this, I made some changes to (the now named) ReGRAINZeR device.

Previously (up to V.0.2beta) I was using all the keys, from C1 to C2 (transposeable), but then I thought of ways to use several instances of the ReGRAINZeR, each mapped to its own octave, each affecting different sound sources. So, using the C2 key would collide with the start of the next instance of ReGRAINZeR.

So, ReGRAINZeR V.0.3beta only uses keys C1 to B1. This will allow to use a transposed instance of it in the C2-B2 range, and a 3rd in the C3-B3 and so fourth...

Originally, all white keys had fixed loop/tempo lengths and only the black keys had some kind of modifiers like the Combinator's Rotary 1 or the Pitch and Mod Wheels, but from V.0.3beta onward will have the A1 key vary with Pitch Wheel and B1 with the Mod. Wheel.

Also, Aftertouch will now trigger the gate effect. D1# still does that, with selectable gate rate through the Mod. Wheel :)

This is why, the 2nd video I'll upload, still uses the old key mapping, but any videos after that will have some tiny differences in the handling of the device, and the way to control and play with it.

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