Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FAQ: Will ReGRAINZeR be released as freeware ?

Well, I have this guideline I try to more or less stick with:

If it's something I did mainly with, for or through freeware, its my duty (and I'm glad) to give it back to the community for free. I guess this is the best way to thank the ones before me that made something for free that I could use, and keep the thing rolling :)

If I had to buy or pay for something, then I try to jump in the bandwagon and give a run of my dedicated time and effort for the money, as the ones before me also did.

I try to make available for free, things that may help to make a point, prove a concept or help fellow Reason users / forum members to understand something, some concepts or some cool ideas that I have no time to develop, planting the seed for someone to take it and further develop it.

Things like these pre-Reason4 oldies:

So, to answer your question: I'm planning to release ReGRAINZeR (along with other devices I'm still trying to develop) in a future ReFill, sold (hopefully) through the Propellerhead - Shop - Third party ReFills page (if they approve the thing and accept to sell it, of course!)

I'll add enough cool devices to balance between the "Yes, I'm getting my money's worth with this ReFill" and the dreaded "As soon as possible!!!" :)

So why try to sell it instead of just give it away ? Well... I just spent 499€ on Reason 4 Premium Edition (a "bargain", btw!), and I'm planning to spend another 99€ with the "upgrade" to Record, so... since this is getting a very expensive hobby, I might as well give it a try at it paying for itself :)
...also, I'm going to spend a lot of hours making sure every device works as I expect it to (I hate soft-bugs), and I also have to make some kind of well-made documentation so people know how to use and really appreciate the potencial of it. These things take time and effort to do :)

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  1. Nothing wrong with making a little money off your creation. Can't wait to get my hands of Regrainzer and I don't mind paying a bit for it. Cheers.

  2. Hi :)

    At first I thought of charging something like 5.0 EUR / 7.5 USD for a microReFill with just 1 Combi device (in this case, the ReGRAINZeR) with various patches to ease the use of it in various transposed octave mappings.

    But then I got the information from the Props Marketing Dept. that usually the lowest price for a ReFill is about 19.0 EUR.

    So, for that price, I guess I should add some more to the ReFill, and that's what is making the release take a while more :)

    hmmm... although I could also try to make some sort of "direct sell" through the blog and Paypal... this would even allow people to get personalised ReFills with "This ReFill belongs to: _________" :D