Monday, June 15, 2009

Working on ReGRAINZeR V.0.6beta

Ok, so, after finishing V.0.5beta, solving the little issue with Velocity, I'm now changing some simple things on the control front. Substituting the Rotary 3 & 4 functions "+AUDIO source Level" & "Volume" with a more standard "Gain" & "Dry / Wet" mix knobs.

I was also hoping to implement in V.0.6beta a Master/Slave chaining option by leaving a well marked CV output pair at the back (Note+Gate), so one could chain various ReGRAINeRs, spawning various instances through the keyboard map while controlling all the slaves through the Master one (the 1st, the only one in need of a controlling sequencer track for selected input) but there's a problem with RPG-8's MIDI-CV convertion... it's implementation is incomplete, so this makes this idea impossible to implement with Reason 4 at least :(

I've even tried using Thor's flexible routing to send captured Gate signals through a CV out, but its still MonoCV so... still no good.

Oh well... it would be cool to implement Slave chainning to ease the keyboard control of various through the same track, each on its own control octave.

Still, there will be a Slave chaining option, not for Note/Gate but there will be a triggering CV output to trigger future devices I'm working on. Just as an example, and I already mentioned it here, there's the GatoRbox device, perfect to work together with ReGRAINZeR.

So, GatoRbox will (as others) have an additional option of being triggered externally, by ReGRAINZeR ... but, more on this in a future post or demo video :)

Oh, and I can't forget to also make a little demo video of LiveLoopBox. It can be viewed as a 4 loop slots ReGRAINZeR Light without the keyboard controlling flexibility, because it's all done through Combinator buttons. Also, because of that, its way simpler at the back, CV-wise, because all its logic is done through the Combinator Programmer :)

Ok, enough talk, on with the work... -.-'

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