Friday, June 5, 2009

Turbotito - Sydney Heat

While uploading the 1st (crappy) video to YouTube it just dawned on me "wait a minute! I just realized I'm using a music that's not mine, to demo the device... oh damn..."

So, I had two options:
  1. scrap the video, try to compose a really cool tune to demo the device, redo the video.
  2. try to contact the song's author, asking if I can use it in my demo.
The 1st would be safer but slower (I thought, 'cause I had to come up with a cool enough tune). Also, it would defeat the purpose of demoing the device with a known song, so people watching would recognize what the device was doing to the song.

2nd option could be faster and simpler while accomplishing what I wanted, as I said above.

Well, I opted to set the uploaded video to private, and send a private message to the author and... wait :|

...and wait... :|

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