Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Koshdukai's KFX Machines: ReLOOPeR V.0.1beta

Ok, so everything went well and now I'm the proud user of a Virus TI Atomizer (yeah right!) pseudo-emulator, done with and for Reason 4 :D

I'm going to play with it for a couple of days to see what more can I add to it, and after that, post a couple of demo videos, showing the thing working and what it can do :)

What it can't do (when compared to what I've seen in some Atomizer video demos) is:
  • It can't reverse playback the loops... still couldn't think of a way to do this in real-time with Reason 4, so for now, I'm considering it er... impossible :(
  • It won't be possible to perfectly note-pitch-shift the real-time loops :/
...although I'm still thinking of a way to simulate this effect with the shorter/higher rate loops, getting a note scaled pseudo-pitch-shifting effect. I already did some tests and it's kinda possible to do an almost note-scaled pitch, but still not perfect, and it's late and I'm tired -.-'

At this time, ReLOOPeR already allows free pitch-shifting effect with the Pitch and Mod Wheels, but its more like a glitch effect and not a scaled note pitch.

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