Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"we welcome you as a developer of our technologies"

It's so cool to receive emails like these ^^

Anyway, the story behind this is really simple.

I own a M-Audio Axiom 61 and a MidAir 25 and two more generic (and much simpler) MIDI keyboards.

The default Remote settings of the Axiom has some awkward choices and even bugs (as an example, there's a collision between the reMIX and the Select Track buttons), so I had to make my own custom version of those settings.

I also made a version to support my M-Audio MidAir 25 (and the MidAir 37 too, since it looked fairly simple to support, even without owning one to test).

...and just because it's there, I also added the "Program Change" as another possible value-type control to be used. One never has too many controls :D

My intention was to make these available for free, to anyone in need of them, but then I thought it would be a good idea to check the Remote SDK first and see if I was missing any cool features unknown to me.

So, I applied to be a "Remote™ Codec Developer" yesterday and that got approved today! to read all the docs and find out if I was missing something important.

After checking if everything is according to the license, I'll release the Remote mappings in the download section of the blog: My custom Axiom 25/49/61 and my MidAir 25/37 Remote codecs :)

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